Optimal Processing

The M Series M310F works to resolve I/O bottlenecks common in high density storage environments to ensure fast data transfer rates and low latency.

M310F offers

  • High speed, all flash storage for consolidated and virtualized environments.
  • Non-disruptive backup in support of business continuity.
  • Self-encryption drives encrypt data at high speed.
  • Combination host interface card (FC & iSCSI) available.
  • Power-efficient processor and power supply with optimal control of cooling fans.

* 80 PLUS GOLD certified (power supply).


Additional Advantages Include

  • Tuning maximizes SSD performance for a fast and stable response.
  • Extensive cache memory assures high I/O performance.
  • Automatic optimization peak I/O.
  • An intuitive GUI makes storage administration easy.
  • Increased pool capacity is simply with added drives.
  • Auto data configuration ensure proficient data pool performance.
  • Operational in environments with temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Snapshot and complete data replication of data volume.